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History - Outside the Classroom

History Bowl:
In 2007 the Department of History began sponsoring an academic competition for high school students. Lindenwood history majors play an integral role in the success of History Bowl. They write questions, serve as buzzers/scorers/timekeepers, run the green room and check in, and help plan the following year's competition. Not only is the competition a lot of fun, but students have a lot of fun bringing it to life.

History on Television:
History majors have been interviewed about their research for an LU TV-26 program, Topics in Education.

Conference Papers:
Lindenwood history majors have presented class papers at the Mid-America American Studies Association conference and the Missouri Conference on History.

From the Archive:
Lindenwood University has a long and storied history. In 1808 George Sibley began serving as the U.S. Indian agent at Fort Osage (near Kansas City), just 5 years after President Thomas Jefferson made the Louisiana Purchase and 2 years after Lewis and Clark returned from their exploration of that territory. After their marriage in 1815, Mary Easton Sibley began educating young Indian women while her husband worked to foster good relations and trade with the Native Americans in the region.

In 1827 Mary and George moved to land George had purchased near St. Charles where they founded a school to educate young women. This school would grow over the years into a female college.

By the end of the 19th century, it was one of the leading schools for young women in the United States. Advertised as the Wellesley of the West, young women from all over the country came to Lindenwood for an education, and in the 20th century many notable women graduated from the school. In 1969 men were admitted to the college, which became a university in 1997.

Lindenwood history majors have the opportunity to use the LU archive to learn about the history of Lindenwood, Missouri, women, Native Americans, and the United States.

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