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Prospective Students

The Department of History and Geography at Lindenwood University welcomes inquiries from students interested in pursuing historical studies.  Whether you are thinking about teaching, becoming a research historian, pursuing a career in the growing areas of public history, or are simply motivated by a love for the past and a desire to develop fundamental tools of thinking, you’ll find that we have a lot to offer. 

As students advance toward the completion of their degree at Lindenwood, they participate in a wide variety of courses in American, European, and world history covering roughly 6,000 years of the human experience, from the ancient past to the present.  They are challenged to read, think, analyze, synthesize, discuss, and present ideas.  In addition to providing a general knowledge of the past, our curriculum helps students develop the skills necessary for success, both in their future careers and as informed citizens of the world.  Whether they are studying classical Rome or ancient China, the American Civil War or the French Revolution, American social trends or the World Wars, being a history major helps them to make sense of their world by helping them to understand its origins, causes, and development.

Our majors and minors become part of an energetic academic community.  This means they work closely with their professors, all of whom have earned doctorates and are committed scholars as well as teachers, and who act as instructors, mentors, and academic advisors.  But equally important are fellow students, whether they are locals or have come to study at Lindenwood from the other side of the globe.  As students progress from introductory classes in their freshman year toward the department’s capstone course (HIS 40000) in their final semesters, they become study partners, classmates, colleagues, and friends.  Some even take advantage of our partnership with York St. John University to spend a semester in England. 

We would be pleased to provide you with additional information about our department and about the History major.  Please feel free to contact us by phone or email.  Or better yet, just stop by Butler Hall and say “hello.”

Jeffrey Smith
Department Chair of History and Geography
(949) 636-4991

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