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School of Humanities

Each student who attends Lindenwood University takes coursework within the School of Humanities and many choose to select a major from among the following undergraduate degree areas:

English: All undergraduate students must complete a minimum of six hours each of composition and literature. Majors are offered in Literature and in Creative Writing. In addition, minors are available in Creative Writing, Literature, and Writing and Professional Communication.

Chinese Studies: The program provides students the opportunity to understand historical and contemporary China. Students may choose between an emphasis on the Chinese language or an emphasis on culture and history.

Foreign Languages: Lindenwood students are encouraged to study a foreign language either as a major or a minor or for cross-cultural or elective credit. Students in these courses study the language, culture, and literature of countries that have Spanish, German, French, or Mandarin Chinese as their first languages.

Gender Studies: This interdisciplinary course of study engages students in a global study of gender with emphasis on how gender intersects with other substantive categories of analysis and identity, such as class, race, sexuality, and nationality. Currently, only a minor is offered.

History and Geography: All undergraduate students must complete a minimum of three hours of world history and another three hours of either American history or government. Additionally, students may choose to major in history which requires coursework in American history, European history, world history, American government, and economics, Political Science.

International Relations: Students in the program will learn international political theory, diplomatic affairs, governance beyond the state, global economic principles, the politics of development, and much more. In addition to the core course coursework, students have the option to take elective tracks in geography, history, international business, political science, and foreign language.

Philosophy and Religion: All undergraduate students are required to complete one religion or philosophy course. In addition, majors and minors are offered in both religion and philosophy.

Integral components of each class within the School of Humanities include critical thinking as well as interpretation, application, and extension of ideas. The goal of the School of Humanities is to acquaint all Lindenwood students with the historical context and current applications of English, history, religion, philosophy, political science and public administration, international studies, and modern languages. The faculty strives to make subject matter clear though a variety of educational strategies and works to motivate students to greater appreciation of the great artists and thinkers of the past as well as the present.

Questions concerning the School of Humanities or its programs can be directed to Michael Whaley, PhD, Dean of Humanities. He can be reached at (636) 949-4561 or via email at

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