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School of Humanities - Religion

Program Description:

Lindenwood students have the opportunity to study religion from a nonsectarian, academic point of view as one of the humanities or social sciences. This study forms a vital part of the liberal arts curriculum. The aim of such a study is understanding, not necessarily agreement. No attempt is made at indoctrinating students in the truth, or the falsehood, of any religious belief. The goal is to provide the student with an understanding not only of the strengths and weaknesses of various religious traditions, but an appreciation and understanding of the power, prevalence, and influence of religion in all cultures and aspects of life. Courses are available in World Religions, Religion in America, Biblical Studies, Religion and Science, Psychology of Religion, Philosophy of Religion, Christian Theology, and other areas of religious study. A variety of courses in fields relating to religion, such as philosophy, psychology, history, anthropology, art and literature, add depth and new perspectives to the study of religion.

Requirement for Major in Religion:

A major in Religion requires 36 semester hours, as listed in the Lindenwood University Catalogue, divided as follows:
- 12 hours of required Religion courses
- 12 hours of elective Religion courses
- 12 hours chosen from a list of courses in other fields relating to religion, such as philosophy, literature, and the social sciences.
Requirements for Minor in Religion:

A minor in Religion requires 18 semester hours, including the following Religion courses:
- Introduction to Religion (REL 100)
- Philosophy of Religion (REL 325)
Benefits of Studying at Lindenwood University:

Either the major or the minor in Religion may readily be combined with other majors. A number of current Lindenwood students are double-majoring in Religion and some other discipline, which gives them a breadth of training and expertise that is invaluable in our modern world.

Lindenwood's undergraduate degree program in Religion is excellent preparation for those planning to go on to a faith-related career or for further academic training. There are also many other careers in which a background in the academic study of religion is valuable, such as international business, law, politics, and social advocacy. For example, large news organizations are recognizing that an understanding of religion is necessary for comprehension of world events and are beginning to look for reporters who possess such an understanding. A recent Lindenwood graduate was hired as a librarian for a large city library partly because of her undergraduate minor in Religion, an area in which the library wished to expand its holdings.

All of the full-time Religion faculty at Lindenwood University hold doctoral degrees in the field. They are also people of faith who come out of one specific faith tradition. They are examples that members of the academic community can have strong personal beliefs and still approach the study of religion from a scholarly perspective that is recognized and respected around the world.

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