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Journal of International & Global Studies

Mission Statement
The Journal of International and Global Studies provides a peer reviewed multidisciplinary forum for the critical discussion of and reflections on the consequences of globalization throughout the world. The editors welcome essays and book reviews that deal with globalization from economists, historians, political scientists, anthropologists, sociologists, geographers, linguists, religious, ethnic, or environmental studies specialists, cross-cultural education, media and communication researchers, or other humanities or social science scholars that have an international and global focus. One of our goals is to help undermine the fragmentation of specialization within the international academy by emphasizing broad interdisciplinary approaches to the comprehension of globalization in all of its many different forms and implications for different regions of the world.

Publications Ethics and Malpractice Statement
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Editorial Board

Center for International and Global Studies, Lindenwood University

Chief Editor: Raymond Scupin, PhD
Director: Center for International & Global Studies, Lindenwood University

Associate Editor: Ryan Guffey, PhD
Associate Director: Center for International & Global Studies, Lindenwood University

Assistant Editor: Joseph Cernik, PhD
Professor of Political Science, Lindenwood University

Assistant Editor: C. Dale Walton, PhD
Associate Professor of International Relations, Lindenwood University

Editorial Assistants: Rebecca Goulart and Erin Kalkbrenner
International Advisory Board

David L. Carr, PhD
University of California Santa Barbara: Geography
+ Bio

Omar Farouk PhD
Hiroshima City University: Comparative Politics
+ Bio

Joan Ferrante, PhD
Northern Kentucky University: Sociology
+ Bio

Antonio Fiori, PhD
University of Bologna: Comparative Politics
+ Bio

Theodore Karasik, PhD
Institute for Near East and Gulf Military Analysis (INEGMA): Middle Eastern Affairs
+ Bio

Ronald Kephart, PhD
University of North Florida: Anthropology
+ Bio

Carool Kersten, PhD
Kings College London: Religious Studies
+ Bio

Joseph Chinyong Liow, PhD
Nanyang Technological University in Singapore: S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies
+ Bio

Gordon Mathews, PhD
Chinese University of Hong Kong: Anthropology
+ Bio

James H. McDonald, PhD
Southern Utah University: Anthropology
+ Bio

Goran Mirascic, PhD
Economic Policy Advisor for the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Political Economy
+ Bio

Gyan Pradhan, PhD
Eastern Kentucky University: Economics
+ Bio

Archanya Ratana-Ubol, PhD
Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, International Higher Education
+ Bio

Chaiwat Satha-Anand, PhD
Thammasat University, Bangkok: Political Science
+ Bio

Richard Wilk, PhD
Indiana University: Anthropology
+ Bio

Hui Faye Xiao, PhD
University of Kansas: East Asian Language and Literature
+ Bio

Imtiyaz Yusuf, PhD
Mahidol University, Thailand, Buddhist and Islamic Studies
+ Bio

Zhiqun Zhu, PhD
Bucknell University, International Relations
+ Bio