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Volume 2, Number 1: November 2010
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Table of Contents


1-21 All Roads Lead to Najaf: Grand Ayatollah Al-Sistani’s Quiet Impact on Iraq’s 2010 Ballot and its Aftermath
Ernesto H. Braam
PDF Version (137 kB)
22-35 Migration and Transculturation in the Digital Age: A Framework for Studying the “Space Between”
Padmini Banerjee and Myna German
PDF Version (86 kB)
36-55 Student Teaching Abroad Inter-Group Outcomes: A Comparative, Country-Specific Analysis
Binbin Jiang, Debra Coffey, Robert DeVillar & Sandra Bryan
PDF Version (116 kB)
56-82 Collaborative Researchers or Cold Warriors? The Origins, Activities, and Legacy of the Smithsonian’s Institute of Social Anthropology
A. Peter Castro
PDF Version (123 kB)
83-117 Impact of EU’S Decisions on Euro-Skepticism of a Turkish Religious Peripheral Party, Felicity Party
Imdat Ozen
PDF Version (130 kB)
118-133 Cross-Cultural Professional Development for Teachers within Global Imbalances of Power
Janelle Johnson
PDF Version (111 kB)
    Book Reviews

134-136 Michael Shermer. The Mind of the Market – Compassionate Apes, Competitive Humans, and Other Tales From Evolutionary Economics (2008)
reviewed by Anthony Clark
PDF Version (31 kB)
137-140 Kenan Malik. From Fatwa to Jihad: The Rushdie Affair and its Aftermath (2010)
Reviewed by Elizabeth Lhost
PDF Version (25 kB)
141-142 Tanja Winter. The Impact of Electricity: Development, Desires and Dilemmas (2008)
Reviewed by Rosemary Fumpa-Makano
PDF Version (18 kB)
143-145 Cyril Belshaw. Fixing the World: An Anthropologist Considers our Future (2010)
Reviewed by A.B. Diefenderfer
PDF Version (22 kB)
146-148 David Welsh. The Rise and Fall of Apartheid (2009)
Reviewed by David Brokensha
PDF Version (58 kB)
149-151 Joery Matthys. Private Security Companies and Private Military Companies: A Comparative and Economical Analysis (2010)
Reviewed by Martijn Mos
PDF Version (44 kB)
152-154 Sean Mills, The Empire Within: Postcolonial Thought and Political Activism in Sixties Montreal (2010)
Reviewed by Jerome Teelucksingh
PDF Version (19 kB)