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Evening Programs (LCIE) - Frequently Asked Questions

Is the LCIE program accredited?
Lindenwood University and the LCIE program have full accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. LU accepts transfer credits from other accredited colleges and universities and generally, other colleges and universities accept most LU credits.

How long will it take to complete my degree?
You must earn 128 credit hours to graduate. Students can earn 36 hours per year in the LCIE program by attending year-round, so a first-time entering freshman (no transfer hours) can complete a Bachelor's Degree in approximately three and half years. Most students, however, enter the LCIE program with transfer credit and take considerably less time.

How does transfer credit work?
Upon matriculation, the faculty advisor will discuss transfer eligibility and provide a program overview, which shows the individual clusters and classes necessary to graduate. This usually takes place during the first quarter.

Some degree programs only offer certain courses in select terms. How often are LCIE clusters offered?
Almost all of the LCIE clusters are offered every term; however, a student must work closely with his or her faculty advisor to ensure that required courses are taken when they are available. Specific elective clusters are sometimes offered on an annual or bi-quarterly basis and again, the faculty advisor is the best source for registration information.

Can I take a cluster at a campus closer to my house or workplace?
Absolutely. LCIE clusters are offered at eleven locations throughout the metropolitan St. Louis region. Check the cluster schedule for more information on our off-site offerings.

What if I do not attend year round?
Some students will "stop out" one or more quarters a year because of work or family constraints. Notify your faculty advisor if you plan to do this. Readmission to the university is necessary if a student is gone a full year.

Must I wait until May to graduate even though I finish my coursework at a different time of year?
Lindenwood offers a total of four (4) graduation dates throughout the course of the year: March, June, September, and December. The annual commencement ceremony is held in May. Contact Academic Services for ceremony details.

Why do I have to meet with my advisor every quarter?
The faculty advisor serves as a resource for the student and assists him or her with program overviews, course registration, and any academic issues that may arise. Most students find this personal point-of-contact very helpful as they navigate the program.

What is the colloquium requirement?
All LCIE students are required to attend an out of class learning experience, write a brief review of that experience, and turn it in to their advisors every quarter. Examples of colloquia range from seminars at work to fine arts events. LU often sponsors colloquia to offer students opportunities on campus.

Do LCIE students qualify for financial aid?
Yes. LCIE students qualify for all the various financial aid programs that traditional students do. For further information contact Financial Aid at 636-949-4923.

How do I get started?
The LU Admissions office is located at 209 South Kingshighway at the Welcome Center. You may contact Evening & Graduate Admissions by calling 636-949-4933 or visit their website.

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