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Instructor Course Descriptions - David Hollingsworth

Adv Fiction Cluster
This course focuses on the intricacies of fiction writing, from characterization, the logistics of plot and consequences to effective description and dialogue. The techniques explored in class can help writers to develop work that is complete in all areas, firm in foundation, and necessarily concise. 

To be a good writer is to be a good reader. We will examine a variety of fiction, learning from the successes and failures of contemporary and classic writers. 

Students will be able to workshop two stories throughout the quarter, and will be expected to provide constructive and careful feedback for others. In addition, expect writing prompts each class. 

Adv Creative Nonfiction Cluster
Creative Nonfiction Workshop: This course is a discussion of original nonfiction pieces, including personal essays, lyric essays, and memoir chapters. Students will focus on incorporating personal experience and both narrative and lyrical elements into two nonfiction pieces. 

The Personal Essay & Memoir: This course will focus on the wellspring of memory and reflection and the employment of narrative in creative nonfiction. Students will discuss a variety of personal essays and at least one memoir, noting the use of voice, character development, sense of place and time, and narrative arc. 

The Lyric Essay: The Lyric Essay is a merging of creative nonfiction and poetry, in which poetic devices such as fragment, imaginative language, and line breaks are used to create the nonfiction piece. Students will read and discuss examples of lyric essays. 

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