Lindenwood - Winter 2017 - Connecting to Alumni and Friends

Lindenwood University-Belleville ALUMNI EVENTS 9 CAMPUS NEWS ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT UPCOMING EVENTS LINDENWOOD SPORTS ALUMNI EVENTS AWARDS & RECOGNITIONS ALUMNI NEWS & NOTES LINDENWOOD Winter 2017 2017HOMECOMING &REUNION! Students, alumni, family, friends, and community members visited the Lynx Fair at Homecoming , which showcased several student groups and academic divisions housed on the Belleville campus. The second annual Belleville Homecoming parade garnered support from more than 500 participants who marched alongside Lindenwood Belleville student clubs, organizations, and athletic teams. Soccer alumni returned to campus to challenge the current soccer team at the 9th Annual Alumni Soccer Match. Graduates from the theatre program returned to campus to attend the 2017 Theatre Reception and performance of A Streetcar Named Desire . Pictured here are Nico Bourgeais (left), Campus President Dr. Brett Barger , and Sebastian Wegner .