Lindenwood - Your Alumni Connection - Fall 2017

BELLEVILLE CITY CLERK IS LATEST ROLE FOR CIVIC-MINDED MEYER by JENNIFER FERGUSON It wasn’t a huge surprise when Belleville native Jenny Gain Meyer became a Lindenwood Lynx. After all, the university was just five minutes from her house. Having graduated from Althoff Catholic High School in Belleville and with a bachelor’s degree from nearby McKendree University in Lebanon, Ill., Meyer came to Lindenwood University-Belleville to pursue a master’s degree in healthcare administration and graduated in 2012. “I always liked school, but hadn’t been a student for 11 years,” explained Meyer. “Once I got back into the classroom, my nerves settled quickly and it was a great experience. It was the ideal going-back-to-school situation. I didn’t miss time from work, I didn’t have to travel far, and I was still able to maintain a full-time career and family life.” According to her, earning a master’s degree through Lindenwood Belleville not only fit into her busy life but also enhanced her professional skillsets in writing, time management, and public speaking. She also said that it boosted her confidence, which helped propel her career as a public servant. Throughout her career, Meyer has held a variety of positions in county and city government. She began as the director of health, housing, building, zoning, and cemetery operations for the City of Belleville and then took on the role of director of environmental programs for the St. Clair County Health Department before running for and being elected to the position of Belleville City Clerk in 2017. “As a lifelong Belleville resident, the city and its people have played a large role in shaping my life,” said Meyer. “I wanted to give back to the city by working with other city leaders, organizations, and residents to ensure Belleville continues to be a great place to live, work, and raise a family.” Meyer’s civic mindedness began when she started volunteering for AmeriCorps in 1996 and for the Franklin Neighborhood Association in Belleville, where she met influential members of the community, such as the mayor and county board chairman. Since then, Meyer has continued to volunteer her time and sits on several committees that continue to benefit the City of Belleville. She also served on the executive committee for the Belleville 200 th anniversary in 2014. Meyer has also been recognized by BASIC Citizens of Character, Racial Harmony ELITE, and the Illinois Environmental Health Association for her commitment to her profession and community. “I’ve just always been drawn to giving back to my community and being involved, and I see that same volunteer spirit in many of Lindenwood’s students today,” said Meyer. Meyer said that as she’s watched the university grow over the last few years, she’s noticed how involved students want to be in their community. “Beyond the economic impact the Belleville campus has had on our community, what has been brought to Belleville through such a strong volunteer spirit is immeasurable and instrumental to all of the community-oriented events the City of Belleville hosts,” she said. Meyer said at any given event hosted by the city, Lindenwood students are there, helping set up or tear down, and the city relies on such civic-minded young people to make Belleville a great place to be. Meyer said she is proud to be a Lynx because of the strong ties the university, its students, and employees have with the City of Belleville. “I’m proud of my city; I’m proud of my university,” said Meyer. “Lindenwood Belleville is part of the fabric of who we are as a community.” Lindenwood University-Belleville ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT LINDENWOOD Fall 2017 15 CAMPUS NEWS ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT UPCOMING EVENTS LINDENWOOD SPORTS ALUMNI EVENTS AWARDS & RECOGNITIONS ALUMNI NEWS & NOTES I’ve just always been drawn to giving back to my community and being involved, and I see that same volunteer spirit in many of Lindenwood’s students today.” Jenny Gain Meyer “ Jenny Gain Meyer (’12)