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Welcome to our second issue; this is an important one because with it, we begin to look like the established journal we want to become with regular issues appearing twice a year.

In our “Guidelines for Authors” there is a distinction made between more detached, analytical essays and a “policy perspective” piece where opinion is encouraged. In this issue, we introduce our first policy perspective essay. In the aftermath of the police shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, and the protests and demonstrations that followed, an essay addressing an issue that has received increased attention—police body cameras—seemed called for. Dr. Pernell Witherspoon served on police forces for fourteen years and uses that experience to bring attention to an issue that deserves serious, substantive debate. We certainly hope this essay reaches a broad audience.

Regarding the three other essays in this issue, we hope that readers find them interesting, relevant, and readable. One of the goals of the Missouri Policy Journal is to publish articles that can be read by the average, educated adult reader and not geared solely toward a professional audience. The goal of this journal in the long run is to reach a wider audience and to address issues that are more than just interesting, but also policy relevant.

The cover picture for this issue (sunset over Augusta) was taken by someone with no relationship to Lindenwood University. Since a cover picture will be used in each issue of the journal, we are interested in photo submissions from anyone—seeing Missouri from different perspectives adds to our journal. In the case of this particular photo, it was taken on a cell phone.

Joseph A. Cernik, Editor

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