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Online Programs - BA - Criminal Justice


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Associate Professor Darren Marhanka

Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice

The Lindenwood University online criminal justice bachelor’s degree program will provide you with a solid foundation for a career in the field, and if you are already an active criminal justice professional, it will enhance your skills and credentials for advancement. Perhaps best of all, it offers the opportunity to progress at your own pace. You can obtain the tools you need for success while at your desk, in your patrol car, or on your sofa.
You will be awarded your bachelor of arts degree in criminal justice upon the successful completion of 128 credit hours of study. Forty-five of those hours will be our core requirements, and 33 more will be in other required criminal justice related courses. You will also complete 50 credit hours of general education coursework.
Our criminal justice faculty has solid academic credentials, but beyond that, every faculty member brings years of actual work experience in the field. When they bring that combination into the virtual classroom, you will be provided with practical ideas and the latest research to lead to your success.

Required Criminal Justice Courses (42 hours)
CJ 10100 Crim Justice Systems (3)
CJ 20000 Criminology (3)
CJ 20500 CJ Observation (1)
CJ 30000 Policing (3)
CJ 30100 Criminal Procedure (3)
CJ 30500 Inst & Comm Corrections (3)
CJ 31000 Criminal Law (3)
CJ 31100 The Juvenile Justice Syst (3)
CJ 31500 Victimology (3)
CJ 32000 Race Crime and Punishment (3)
CJ 32100 White Collar Crime (3)
CJ 33100 Criminal Investigations (3)
CJ 34009 Hist. of Crim. Just. (3)
CJ 44000 Senior Seminar in Crim Just (3)

Required Electives (36 hours)
NPA10000 Intro to Nonprofit Orgs. (3)
PSY30300 Abnormal Psychology (3)
SOC31500 Alcohol, Drugs, & Society (3)
SOC32200 Social Deviance (3)
SW 11000 Intro to Social Work (3)
SW 24000 Human Div. & Soc. Just. (3)
SW30000 Child Welfare (3)
Any 15 Credit Hours (15)

General Education Requirements (50 hours)
English Composition (6 hours)
Communications (3 hours)
Civilization (9 hours)
2 Cross Cultural or 2 Foreign Language
Humanities (9 hours)
2 Literature, 1 Philos/Religion (9 hours)
Fine Arts (3 hours)
Social Sciences (9 hours)
US Hist/Am Govt, 2 Soc Sciences
Mathematics (3 hours)
Science (7 hours)
2 Sciences from separate disciplines: Earth, Physical, Biological. 1 Lab is required.
Orientation to College (1 hour)

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