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General Studies

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Assistant Professor Dr. Meredith Marsh

Bachelor of Arts in General Studies

To prepare for the rapid changes taking place in American and world cultures, the general studies major is designed to give students the necessary tools of critical thinking, perspective, and adaptability. The major allows a student to study a broad range of subject matter in the liberal arts as well as courses in his/her areas of interests. The Bachelor of Arts in General Studies expects students to complete all of the University’s general education requirements as well as 39 hours of General Studies coursework and 37 hours of electives, for a total of 128 hours.

All elective courses must be different from those courses taken to satisfy general education requirements. For example, students are required to complete two literature courses for general education and two additional literature courses for the general studies degree.

General Education Requirements (52 hours)
English Composition (6)
Communications (3)
Humanities (9)
Fine Arts (3)
History & Government (3)
Culture & Civilization (6)
HIS10000 - World History  (3)
Social Science
2 courses from different disciplines (6)
Natural Sciences & Mathematics
2 courses from different subject areas
(one with a lab), Math course of MTH12100 or higher.  (10)
LUL10100 - Freshman Experience (3)

Major Requirements (39 hours)
COL17000 - Microcomputer Applications (3)
Literature (6)
History or Political Science (3)
Cross-Cultural (6)
Social Science (3)
Fine and Performing Arts (6)
Religion/Philosophy (6)
Written/Oral Communications (3)
Economics (3)

Electives (37 hours)
Elective Courses (300 level and above) 

Total Required Hours (128 hours)

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