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Online Programs - MA - Gifted Education K-12


For additional information contact:
Mary Gismegian
Program Coordinator

Master of Arts in Education
  Gifted Education K-12

Many children simply do not thrive within the structure of a traditional classroom. While they remain in the current stream of the school system, their unlocked potential may signal the same distress as a fish out of water. To unlock the potential of gifted students, a challenging environment of flexible, individualized, and engaging learning methods must be introduced. Teaching gifted students is about tapping in to their intellect, interests and imagination, creativity, and leadership capabilities. Lindenwood University invites you to share in the excitement of a unique program enabling teachers the tools, strategies, and competencies necessary to lead their gifted and talented students out into the deep.

Core Courses
EDU 50500 Analysis of Teaching & Learning (3)
EDU 51000 Conceptualization of Education (3)
EDU 57000 Educational Research (3)
EDU 52000 Curriculum Analysis and Design (3)
EDU 58400 Character Education Curriculum Design (3)*
       *(May replace EDU 52000 Curriculum Design requirement)

Certification Specialty
EDU 51300 Survey of Gifted & Talented Ed (3)
EDU 54200 Supervision of Gifted Programs (3)
EDU 52400 Assessment of Intellectual Skills (3)
EDU 54400 Meet Affect Needs of Gift Student (3)
EDU 54900 Gifted Practicum (3)

Electives - 6 hours*

EDU 53000 Survey of Learning Styles (recommended) (3)
Conference Graduate Credit (recommended) (3)
       *Other electives as approved by the Program Coordinator

Admission Requirements
• Applicants must hold a valid teaching certificate.
• The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) must evaluate your transcripts and certifications and notify you regarding the courses that you need for Gifted K-12 certificate.Request an evaluation for Gifted K-12 from DESE,

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