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BA - Business - more information

The online degree in Business Administration prepares the student for a career in the private or public sector. A well-rounded core curriculum gives the student a fundamental understanding of many important business functions, one or more in which he/she will likely operate, during a career. A prescribed set of ‘elective’ courses provides the student with specialized expertise in critical areas, such as selling, financial statement analysis; international marketing, small business, and personal career development, to name a few. So, if you are seeking a solid undergraduate degree; from which to launch or enhance a career, as well as one that provides the flexibility of an online program, consider the Lindenwood Business Administration degree. Students may also choose to attend on-campus classes; as desired.

BA - Criminal Justice - more information

The Lindenwood University Online Criminal Justice Bachelors Degree program will provide you with a solid foundation for a career in the field, and if you are already an active Criminal Justice professional, it will enhance your skills and credentials for advancement. Perhaps best of all, it offers the opportunity to progress at your pace. You can obtain the tools you need for success while at your desk, in your patrol car, or on your sofa.

BA - General Studies - more information

To prepare for the rapid changes taking place in American and world cultures, the general studies major is designed to give students the necessary tools of critical thinking, perspective, and adaptability. The major allows a student to study a broad range of subject matter in the liberal arts as well as courses in his/her areas of interests. The Bachelor of Arts in General Studies expects students to complete all of the University’s general education requirements as well as 39 hours of General Studies coursework and 37 hours of electives, for a total of 128 hours.

All elective courses must be different from those courses taken to satisfy general education requirements. For example, students are required to complete two literature courses for general education and two additional literature courses for the general studies degree.

MA - Educational Technology - more information

The Master of Arts in Education degree with an emphasis in Educational Technology prepares graduate students to assume roles of leadership in instructional technology settings in school, business and industry. Graduates will apply acquired technical skills, research and knowledge about equipment, software, current issues, trends, theories, and principles of instructional design to the successful development, implementation, and integration of hypermedia, hypertext, and multimedia in instructional settings. The culminating student project will provide evidence of the student’s expertise in the design and utilization of educational technology. The MA in education with Emphasis in Educational Technology is a 33 hour program.

MA - Education - Gifted Education K-12 - more information

Many children simply do not thrive within the structure of a traditional classroom. While they remain in the current stream of the school system, their unlocked potential may signal the same distress as a fish out of water. To unlock the potential of gifted students, a challenging environment of flexible, individualized, and engaging learning methods must be introduced. Teaching gifted students is about tapping in to their intellect, interests and imagination, creativity, and leadership capabilities. Lindenwood University invites you to share in the excitement of a unique program enabling teachers the tools, strategies, and competencies necessary to lead their gifted and talented students out into the deep.

MA - Leadership - more information

The Lindenwood University School of Business andEntrepreneurship is proud to offer the online Master ofArts in leadership, which offers a rich yet accelerated curriculum that balances theory with application. We believe that an effective business education must combine theory with practice, and for that reason, theSchool of Business and Entrepreneurship recruits only professors who have both strong academic credentials and real world experience. Students pursuing the Master of Arts in leadership will benefit from the knowledge and experience of these expert educators. In addition,this program makes considerable use of case studies and innovative computer simulation programs to provide students with hands-on learning opportunities.

Our Master of Arts in leadership can provide a career boost to those aspiring for success in leading formal organizations in the military or in the public or private sectors.
If you're seeking a degree that expands your horizons yet fits into the tight parameters of your busy lifestyle,consider the Lindenwood online Master of Arts in leadership your solution.

MA - Nonprofit Administration - more information

The graduate program in Nonprofit Administration is designed to prepare students for leadership and management positions in nonprofit community organizations. The demands on nonprofit organizations have created a need for managers and leaders with specialized training and education. Nonprofit agencies require skilled and knowledgeable staff at all levels. The Nonprofit Administration graduate program provides education in those areas organizations and financial donors deem necessary for effective agency leadership and fosters career development and advancement for those already in the field. In addition to the common requirements, students have the opportunity to develop an area concentration by supervised selection of elective coursework, a directed internship, and a capstone research project.

MBA - Business Administration - more information

Students who wish to complete their MBA degree with in depth study in one or more business disciplines may do so through an emphasis. Such emphases require, in addition to the core courses, a minimum of four elective courses (for 12 credit hours) in one selected area of study. All such elective courses, along with their prerequisites, must be completed with a grade of at least B. An MBA with an emphasis requires a minimum of 39 credit hours (27 core course credit hours and 12 elective course credit hours). Each emphasis area is described in detail in the Degree Requirements section of this site.

MFA - Writing - more information

The online option for this degree would require students to take the fifteen 3-credit classes listed below. The graduate thesis is required for the final three credits of the program. These courses currently appear in Lindenwood’s course catalog and could be offered in an online format.

MPA - Public Administration - more information

The Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree is offered online. All required and elective courses are available online, although they may not necessarily be available every graduate session. Students and prospective students will work with an advisor who will help plan a schedule regarding courses and the sessions of offerings. The MPA degree is a professional graduate program that prepares individuals to serve as managers in the executive arm of local, state, and federal/national government. The MPA degree is also useful if a student is interested in employment with an international organization or agency. The MPA degree is designed to educate students in the applications of inter-disciplinary skills needed in government operations. Public administration is a blending of business administration, human services, and core topics covered in the required public administration courses. Working in the public sector often requires skills that cannot be confined to a single discipline: the public sector and the private sector cross paths, and public officials need the skills of both to function effectively. The MPA program requires 36 credit hours of coursework. Students can start any of the four MPA foundation courses (MPA 59300, MPA 59400, MPA 59600, MPA 59800) whenever it is convenient for their schedules. Each course is nine weeks.

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