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School of Sciences - Pre-Engineering

Lindenwood University offers programs in pre-engineering in which students can take the first two or three years of their program at Lindenwood and complete the remainder of their degree in their chosen engineering specialty at an affiliated university. Lindenwood University currently has transfer/articulation agreements in place with the engineering programs at the following universities:

University of Missouri-Columbia

University of Missouri-Rolla

University of Missouri-St. Louis/Washington University

Washington University

Depending on the program, the student can either obtain a single degree in engineering or two degrees: one from Lindenwood in his/her major and an engineering degree from the affiliated university.

Engineering programs typically require completion of a core of courses in chemistry, computer science, engineering, mathematics, and physics. The Pre-Engineering Program at Lindenwood University provides those core courses. The core set of courses consist of the following:

CHM 23000 General Chemistry 1 (3)
CHM 23100 General Chemistry 2 (3)
CHM 23200 General Chemistry 3 (3)
CHM 24100 General Chemistry 2 Lab (1)
CHM 24200 General Chemistry 3 Lab (1)

Computer Science
CSC 10011 Introduction to Computer Science: Python (3)
    or CSC 10022 Introduction to Computer Science: JavaScript (3)
CSC 14400 Computer Science I (4)
CSC 24400 Computer Science II (4)

EGR 25100 Computer Aided Design (3)
EGR 33500 Engineering Mechanics – Statics and Dynamics (4)
EGR 36100 Circuit Theory I (4)
EGR 36200 Circuit Theory II-AC Circuits (4)
Engineering Course Descriptions

MTH 27100  Calculus I (5)
MTH 27200  Calculus II (5)
MTH 30300  Calculus III (5)
MTH 31100  Differential Equations (3)

PHY 30100  General Physics I (4)
PHY 30200  General Physics II (4)
Physics Course Descriptions

Since the specific core course requirements depend upon the engineering specialty and the engineering university to which the student will transfer, it is highly recommended that each pre-engineering student obtain a Lindenwood Liaison Officer for Engineering as an advisor immediately upon entry into the program so that the student will be on track for his/her specific program.

For more information, please contact:
Sajalendu Dey
Professor of Physics
302 Young Hall
(636) 949-4919
John Hauck
Associate Professor of Physics
314 Young Hall
(636) 949-4725

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