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Lindenwood Participant Pool (LPP)

The Lindenwood Participant Pool (LPP) was established in the fall of 2002 to help researchers recruit participants for their projects and to provide students who are part of the LPP the opportunity to earn bonus points in their participating entry-level courses in anthropology, psychology, sociology, athletic training and exercise science.

Students enrolled in those courses may earn bonus points by either taking part in research projects approved by the Lindenwood University Institutional Review Board (IRB) or by engaging in an alternative writing activity through the LPP.  Students interested in participating in preapproved research projects should visit the online data management system, Sona Systems with the log in information provided to them from the LPP office.

Researchers interested in recruiting participants through the LPP may do so once they successfully complete a quiz pertaining to the LPP rules and regulations, and submit an Approval Letter issued by the Lindenwood University IRB.

For more information, please contact:
Lindenwood Participant Pool Office
405A Young Hall
(636) 949-4673

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