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LPP - Paper Writing

Earning Bonus Credits Through Writing Papers

In lieu of participating in research, you will have the opportunity to complete up to five “small article review papers” throughout the semester.  You are responsible for handing in your paper to the Lindenwood Participant Pool staff (Y407) All Papers must be turned in TWO weeks BEFORE finals week. If a paper is turned in after this date, it will not be counted towards final extra credit.  No late papers are accepted and only one paper per student will be accepted on any given date.

If you are interested in writing a paper to earn your bonus credit, you will be required to find a scholarly journal article or book to review on a pre-approved topic pertaining to your course. You must see your course instructor personally in order to discuss your topic choice and/or research/reading material prior to beginning your paper. You will be given a bonus credit for every paper that meets the following criteria:

  1. The paper is written in proper English with correct spelling and grammar.
  2. The paper is between two and five typewritten pages (double-spaced).
  3. The paper is organized and clearly written.
  4. The paper presents an accurate review of the reading material chosen.
  5. The paper is original work written by the student who submitted it.
  6. The reviewed article is attached to the paper submitted.

If your paper does not meet the above criteria, you will have the opportunity to revise and resubmit the paper for consideration in the next round.

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