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LPP - Rules/Regulations


The Lindenwood Participant Pool is open to any researcher interested in recruiting subjects for a study. It is important that all of those who use the subject pool (researchers and research supervisors) familiarize themselves with these rules and procedures so that subjects are treated with respect and the educational goal is met. Any researcher who violates these rules will be penalized accordingly, with the ultimate penalty of losing his/her privilege of using the subject pool.

Any person (student, faculty, or staff) working with subjects from the subject pool must study the rules and regulations outlined in this document. All researchers must obtain a 90% or better on the LPP quiz before they have access to the Lindenwood Participant Pool.


A. Complete an application with the Lindenwood University Institutional Review Board (IRB).
B. Study these rules and regulations.
C. Make an appointment with the Lindenwood University Participant Pool (LPP) office to take and pass the quiz.
D. Provide the LPP office with a copy of the disposition form issued by the IRB indicating approval of your project.
E. Obtain project number and forms from the LPP office.
F. Only use the forms that are provided by the LPP office
G. Meet all of the requirements set by the LPP office as outlined below.


A. Experiment Description Forms and Sign-up Sheets are available on pccommon. Sign-up Sheet Type A should be used when you want to set up individual appointments. Type B should be used when you want subjects to sign-up for specific times.

B. Sign-up Sheets are to be posted directly under the Experiment Description Form on the bulletin board located on the fourth floor of Young Hall near the LPP office (Y407). All information on these forms must be completely and legibly filled out. You must use simple clear language on the Experiment Description Form.

C. Sign-up Sheets are to be printed and posted as they are-NO alterations (Ex: must be on white paper, no highlighting, etc.).

D. You may not restrict participation in your study under any circumstances. Every student in the Lindenwood Participant Pool must be given equal opportunity to participate in your research. If data from certain subjects cannot be used, you must still test them if they sign-up; experimenters may simply discard the data obtained from such participants in their analysis later.

E. After all subjects' appointment times are passed, you will have 24 hours to take down the sign-up sheet and turn it into the LPP, or you will be fined accordingly.


A. Experimenters must obtain Participant Receipts from the Lindenwood Participant Pool Folder on Pccommon for the number of participants they expect to run in the study. Experimenters must also fill out all information pertaining to the experiment on the Participant's Receipt completely and give one to each participant to sign and complete. All requested information must be completed legibly on the subject's receipt in order for a participant to receive credit. Experimenters are responsible for making sure that the participant has provided all necessary information.

B. If the experiment cannot be run due to equipment failure or other similar problems, the subject will receive full credit for participating in the experiment. Make sure that you have the participant fill in all necessary information on the Experimenter's List of Participants and the Participant's Receipt.

C. If at any point a subject declines to participate in the experiment, he/she should be excused from the experiment without any hassles and given a completed receipt, even if he/she had not begun participating in the experiment. The receipt is worth one bonus point. The subject should also be listed in Experimenter's List of Participants that you will turn in.

D. Students may call to cancel their appointment. If they call before the time of the experiment time you should not file a Report of an Absence without Notification. You may try to reschedule for another time. The cancellations are on file in 407 Young Hall. They are filed on the date of the experiment. You should always check with the Lindenwood Participant Pool Staff before turning in a Report of an Absence without Notification.

E. When a Subject fails to show up without notification, you may complete a Report of an Absence without Notification form and turn it in to the Lindenwood Participant Pool Office within 24 hours. If Experimenters fail to turn in a Report of an Absence without Notification within 24 hours, those students who fail to show up will not be processed for it. Experimenters must wait at least five minutes before writing up a subject as absent. When an experimenter writes up subjects, they will be issued a warning ticket. Subjects will be given 2 business days to appeal the warning ticket. If they fail to do so, they will lose experimental participation privileges for bonus credit.

F. After waiting for at least 5 minutes, if an experimenter fails to show up w/o notification, a subject may file a warning against the researcher. The subject has 24 hours to fill out the warning slip. The experimenter will be issued a warning ticket and will be given 2 business days to appeal it. If the experimenter fails to provide compelling evidence, the experimenter will receive a fine of $0.75, and the subject will receive his/her extra credit.

G. If an experimenter must change the room where the experiment is being held, he/she is required to post signs on visible areas of the original room (e.g. the door) clearly stating the room change information. If he/she fails to do so, then the experimenter will be counted as absent. Furthermore, if a last minute room change is necessary due to a scheduling conflict, inform the Lindenwood Participant Pool Office as soon as possible. (see also section on Resolving Disputes)


In order to maintain the credibility of the claim that research participation is an educational experience, it is necessary that students be educated in some way about the research in which they participated. Therefore, it is the experimenter's obligation to explain clearly the specific purpose and procedures of the experiment to the subject at the end of the testing session. All experimenters should always provide the subject with a general idea of what the experiment is about and why it is of importance at the end of the testing session.


A. The individual person whose name appears on our records for that experimental session is solely responsible for any tickets issued against that session, even group projects. Group members must unanimously agree otherwise for the responsibility to fall upon an individual whose name does not appear on our records.

B. You are given an opportunity to appeal any warning ticket issued. You must have compelling evidence in order to invalidate the ticket. Any appeal must be made w/in 2 business days after the ticket is issued.

C. If a room is in use, you must inform the Lindenwood Participant Pool Office, and inform all subjects with a note on the original room door. You must wait an additional 5 minutes before counting the person as being absent.

D. Furthermore, any violation against the LPP will result in the appropriate fine listed on the "Lindenwood Participant Pool Experimenter's Offense List."


The researcher's list of participants for the week must be turned in every Friday. If no one is in the office at the time, slip it under the door.

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