Lindenwood University

Goals and Objectives

  1. To promote acceptable standards of ethical conduct at every opportunity and adhere to the NATA Code of Ethics.

  2. To prepare athletic training students for success on the BOC examination.

  3. To continually seek and update instructional methods and clinical instruments used throughout the athletic training education program, both in the didactic and clinical environment.

  4. To prepare students for a lifetime of learning through continuing education and research.

  5. To develop healthcare employees with effective communication skills and an understanding of the importance of inter-professional relationships within the healthcare industry.

  6. To provide athletic training students with exposure, experience, and supervision in multiple clinical rotations in preparation for various employment opportunities, both traditional and non-traditional.

  7. To continually assess student outcomes and improve instructional methods and techniques in order to provide students with the best possible skill set.

  8. To continually seek the highest quality students for enrollment in the ATEP and to actively seek qualified individuals to enroll at Lindenwood University as Graduate Assistants within the ATEP.

  9. To promote membership and involvement in the NATA, MAATA, MOATA, and other athletic training and professionally-related organizations.

  10. To provide various networking opportunities and assist athletic training students with identifying and securing post-graduation employment or graduate assistant positions.

  11. To continually seek and update academic resources within our curriculum library and the Lindenwood University library.

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