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Accommodations and Emotional Support Animals

Do you have questions about psychiatric care? Here are some answers that may help you.

Common Questions Pertaining to Psychiatric Accommodations

Q: Am I required to provide documentation relative to and concerning my psychiatric disability in order to request academic accommodations?

A: Yes…you will be required to provide current documentation of your psychiatric disability. It is reasonable and appropriate to request this documentation, in order to establish the validity of the request for accommodations, and to help identify what accommodations are needed.

Q: What kind of documentation is necessary?

A: Documentation should be completed and signed by a licensed mental health professional (a psychiatrist, a psychologist, a licensed professional counselor, or a licensed professional social worker) familiar with your psychiatric disability. The documentation should verify the psychiatric disability and suggest appropriate accommodations. If a previous documentation exists, it will likely be sufficient… unless it is not current (usually no more than three years old). If no current documentation is available, it is your responsibility to have new documentation prepared. This can mean having to pay to have an appropriate professional generate a new evaluation.

Q: Are students with psychiatric disabilities required to disclose them?

A: No…if you really do not require academic accommodations, you can choose to keep this information private. On the other hand, it might be a very wise choice on your part to disclose…so that you are in the very best position you can be in, in order to succeed academically. Please bear in mind that we cannot provide any service, modification, or accommodation unless we know one is needed. It is a student’s responsibility to make his/her needs known in a timely manner, and that accommodations cannot be retroactively applied.

Q: Who should be contacted about psychiatric accommodations?

A: This process is handled through our school’s Student Support and Accessibility Coordinator (Jeremy Keye) in the SASS office. His email is:

Q: Are schools required to provide testing accommodations for students with psychiatric disabilities?

A: Yes…if this requirement is included among your disability accommodations. One typical testing accommodation allows for extended time to complete tests. Another common accommodation requires for providing a distraction-free testing area.

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