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Work & Learn

Students asking about their Work and Learn hours must request this information through the email system.

To learn how many hours you have you will need to email the Work and Learn Office at

• Expect 2-3 days to receive an answer.

If there is an issue with the hours that the Work and Learn has recorded, and you would like to discuss, you can make an appointment. (Afternoons only)

Work and Learn (Undergraduate Students)

The Work and Learn program provides residential students with supervised practical work experience combined with academic study and building the leadership credentials necessary for entrance into the job market. Students develop a sense of the importance and dignity of work as they engage in vital “hands on” responsibility for the life of the university.

Work and Learn represents an opportunity, provided by the University, to the student to pay a portion of his/her Room and Board costs through work performed for the University. Work and Learn also exposes students to volunteer agencies and social service programs in the local community. This enables students to be involved in hands-on experiences outside their normal disciplines, and to provide diverse opportunities that will enhance the student’s educational background and broaden their range of marketable talents. Students work an average of 10 hours per week for 15 weeks, for a total of 150 hours for the semester to earn their full portion of reimbursement.

All Lindenwood University students are given the option to participate in the Community Work Service segment of their Work and Learn program during one semester of either their junior or senior year. This assignment will replace one semester of Work and Learn on campus. Students are credited as though they were working on campus.

Students are responsible for:
- Scheduling their work with their assigned supervisor,
- Informing their supervisor of schedule changes in advance of the change taking place,
- Reporting for work at the scheduled time and being prepared to work upon arrival,
- Attempting to resolve any work issues by talking with their supervisor,
- Understanding the Work and Learn commitment portion of student aid packages. When work obligations are not fulfilled, maximum credit will not be credited to the student account.

To discover more about this program contact the Work and Learn Office at (636) 949-4563.

To apply: New Students | Returning Students | Job Renewal

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