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Faculty Email Policies

The purpose of e-mail services at Lindenwood is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness with which we conduct business, increase the ease and frequency of internal and external communications, and realize institution-wide savings in the cost of communications at the University.

Our e-mail system is to be used principally for conducting Lindenwood business. Excessive personal use – defined as exceeding ten minutes per work day engaged in personal e-mail communications – is not permitted.

Any personal e-mail transactions should take place only during regular work breaks, unless they are of a time-critical nature – e.g., related to a family emergency or an urgent financial or medical matter.

Under no circumstances is any employee authorized to broadcast personal or political messages to either ad hoc or preconfigured distribution groups, whether internal or external to the University.

Lindenwood employees are prohibited from sending or knowingly downloading e-mails that violate local, state, or federal laws or ordinances. All electronic transmittals sent over our system must conform to norms of common courtesy and decency. These transmittals must not contain off-color language or humor, obscene, profane, or tasteless images, or angry or disrespectful expressions. Nor should they express personal or unfounded criticisms of the University or any members of the Lindenwood community. Use of the system to carry out threats or harassment will result in disciplinary action that may include termination of employment at the University.

Neither graphic images nor software attachments should be downloaded, opened, or transmitted via e-mail unless automatic virus-checking is turned on and functioning at the time of such operations. No one should open attachments that have questionable or unknown status, as doing so can cause expensive, time-consuming damage and malfunction across the University’s entire computer network.

All e-mails generated through or received by Lindenwood’s e-mail system are property of the University and subject to examination by University officials for cause. However, statutes governing intellectual property rights will supersede the University’s prerogatives in the case of copyrighted materials. Although we do not routinely monitor all e-mails, we reserve the right to inspect any messages on our server at any time.

Failure to abide by these policies may result in rescission of an individual’s e-mail privileges. Repeated violations of these strictures may be cause for dismissal.

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