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Theodore Cohen

Assistant Professor, History
School of Humanities (Saint Charles) (CC)

Course Information

Term Course Course Name
SP SEM 19 HIST 11600 11 America thr. History of Race (GE-HC:USHisGov)(GE-AmGovHis)
SP SEM 19 HIST 16200 OL11 ONLNE Origins of the Modern World (GE-HC:WHis/HD) (GE-WHis)
SP SEM 19 HIST 36300 11 Revolution in the Modern World (GE-HC:WHis/HD)
SP SEM 19 HIST 48100 21 Senior Seminar in History
FA SEM 19 HIST 20100 11 Historical Methods
FA SEM 19 HIST 26300 21 History of Latin America (GE-HC:ForCul/HD)(GE-CrsClt)
FA SEM 19 HIST 39000 11 Special Topics: Race and Ethnicity in the Western Hemisphere
Lindenwood University
209 S. Kingshighway
St. Charles, MO 63301