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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The President’s Advisory Council on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is a system-wide council that utilizes their knowledge and expertise to enhance DEI practices and policies within our campus communities.


Michael D. Shonrock

Michael D. Shonrock
System President, Ex-Officio

Brett Barger

Brett Barger, Campus President, Ex-Officio

Stephanie Afful

Stephanie Afful, Faculty, Sciences (St. Charles)

Andrea Boyles

Andrea Boyles, Faculty, Social & Behavioral Sciences (Belleville)

Lucy Cohen

Lucy Cohen, Enrollment Management (St. Charles)

Ted Cohen

Ted Cohen, Faculty, Humanities (St. Charles)

Christopher Dussold

Chris Dussold, Faculty, Business (Belleville)

Melissa Elmes

Melissa Elmes, Faculty, English (St. Charles)

Kendra Kostelac

Kendra Kostelac, Admissions (Belleville)

Christopher Miofsky

Christopher Miofsky, Student Life & Leadership (St. Charles)

Kelly Moyich

Kelly Moyich, Title IX Coordinator

Saint Rice Jr.

Saint Rice Jr., Faculty, Accelerated Degree Programs (St. Charles)

Gabriela Romero-Ghiretti

Gabriela Romero-Ghiretti, Faculty, Humanities (St. Charles)

Suzy Jones

Suzy Jones, Student Life (Belleville)

Shane Williamson

Shane Williamson, Student Life (St. Charles)


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