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Daniel Boone Home and Heritage Center Receives Grant to Preserve History

Lindenwood University's Historic Daniel Boone Home and Heritage Center has been named the recipient of a grant from the Missouri Secretary of State's Historical Records and Grant Program (MHRGP). The University will use the funds to purchase supplies for the preservation of several historical documents.

Lindenwood applied for the grant specifically for the Boone Home's Curlee family photograph and USS Daniel Boone collections. The archival projects are being overseen by graduate students Victoria Barton and Grant Briscoe.

The photograph collection was amassed by members of the Curlee family, who owned the land from the mid-1920s to about 1960 and was largely responsible for the initial salvation and early restoration of the property. The USS Daniel Boone is a decommissioned nuclear powered fleet ballistic submarine that served the United States Navy from 1964 to 1994. The Boone Home is archiving artifacts from the vessel as well as collecting oral histories from the submariners who served aboard it.

“Receiving this grant has double benefits for us,” said David Knotts, PhD, Dean of the Lindenwood School of American Studies. “Not only are we able to save these important historical pieces for future generations but our students are also gaining valuable experiences along the way. They’re involved in everything from the grant application process to oral history training, and these funds help ensure those opportunities remain available.”

Lindenwood is among 17 historical records repositories in the state to be awarded funding through the MHRGP, a competitive program overseen by the Missouri State Archives, which is a division of Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander’s office. Grant recipients have approximately one year to complete their work and provide a report of the results.

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