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New Engineering Partnership between Lindenwood University, Mizzou

Lindenwood University and the University of Missouri-­Columbia have entered into a unique partnership that allows students to earn dual bachelor of science degrees in math or computer science and engineering from both universities.

Lindenwood President Dennis Spellmann and Robert Jones, director of engineering career services and recruitment for the College of Engineering at the University of Missouri­-Columbia, recently signed an agreement between the two universities. Through the dual degree program, students would spend the first three years earning a math or computer science bachelor of science degree at Lindenwood University and the next two years earning a bachelor of science degree in engineering from the University of Missouri in Columbia.

At UMC, students may choose from among 10 engineering degrees including biological, chemical, chemical/biological chemical/environmental, civil and environmental, computer, computer and electrical, electrical, industrial and manufacturing, and mechanical.

"This is a teamwork effort by two great universities, and our students reap the benefits," said Spellmann. "There is a big demand for engineers these days. Students who enter this dual program and earn the math/computer science degree and the engineering degree are valuable commodities in today's marketplace. Our graduates will be highly sought-after employees."

"We are gearing this program as a long-term arrangement which will benefit students and communities for the next 50 years," said Jones. "Together, Lindenwood and UMC will develop great engineering students and successful graduates."

Lindenwood is one of only eight institutions to enter into a 3-2 engineering arrangement with UMC. However, Jones pointed out that the Lindenwood-­Mizzou partnership is unique because students earn a math or computer science degree from Lindenwood and then an engineering degree from UMC. Mizzou's arrangements with the seven other colleges provide for a physics-engineering combination.

Lindenwood also offers a 2+2 engineering program with UMC, a dual degree program in engineering with the Sever Institute of Technology at Washington University, and a joint undergraduate program in engineering with Washington University and the University of Missouri­-St. Louis.

For more information on Lindenwood's programs in computer science and pre-engineering, contact Jim Factor, Ph.D., professor of computer science, at 636-949-4723 or the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at 636-949-4949.

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