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Ordering textbooks through Lindenwood's Barnes & Noble site:

  • Go to
  • Hover over Textbooks at the top left, then click Find Textbooks
  • Choose St. Charles Campus (or Belleville if your cluster is in Belleville, IL)
  • Choose the correct term
  • Enter the department, course number, and section number from your class schedule (viewable in your student portal after you are enrolled) for each of your courses
  • Click Find Materials at the bottom of the screen to view your textbooks

Looking up textbooks through your Student Portal:

  • In the Student Portal, make sure you are in the correct term at the top left
  • Click on My Schedule in the left menu column
  • When your schedule appears, click on the BOOKS icon to view your books and a link to the Barnes & Noble site

Students have the responsibility to make sure they purchase the correct textbooks for each cluster or class. This is especially true when students choose to purchase textbooks from sources other than the Lindenwood bookstore. Please make certain that the textbooks you purchase are those selected for your particular cluster or class, as Lindenwood University will not accept responsibility for any textbooks that were not purchased from Lindenwood University’s Official Bookstore.

Ordering Textbooks - Screenshot

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