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48 credit hours

The Master of Healthcare Administration is designed for practicing professionals in the health and human service professions. Curriculum content is based upon recommendations of the Accrediting Commission on Education for Health Service Administration.

Core Curriculum

Graduate Quantitative Methods and Analysis Cluster
IHM 52200   Public Health Perspectives
IHM 52300   Quantitative Methods in Healthcare Management 

Graduate Legal Issues Cluster
IHM 53300   Administration of Healthcare Law
IHM 53500   Case Study and Analysis in Healthcare Administration
IHM 53700   Medical Records and the Law

Graduate Healthcare Strategies Cluster
IHM 55000   Strategic Managment in Healthcare Organizations
IHM 55100   Healthcare Marketing 
IHM 55300   Quality and Strategy in Healthcare Organizations

Graduate Healthcare Finance, Accounting, Economics, and Healthcare Cluster
IHM 57755   Healthcare Finance and Accounting
IHM 57800   Economic Analysis of Health and Medical Care
IHM 57855   Healthcare Analysis

Graduate Healthcare Information Systems and Management Ethics Cluster
IHM 58050   Digital Medicine and Healthcare Information Systems 
IHM 58055   Ethical Challenges in the Management of Health Information
IHM 58060   Organizational Behavior in Healthcare 

IHM 60100   Healthcare Administration Capstone

Healthcare Administration Internship (Optional)
IHM 50000   Healthcare Administration Internship

Lindenwood University
209 S. Kingshighway
St. Charles, MO 63301