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The Lindenwood University Accelerated Degree Program in Communications graduate program offers you the chance to earn a master of arts (MA) in communication.

The Accelerated Degree Program provides you with comprehensive skills that you can use in any organization for promotion, public relations, media, website development, training, or management, to name a few. This program offers areas of emphasis from which you can choose, depending on the field that you would like to explore as a communications professional. Lindenwood University offers emphases in the following:

  •  Community and Media
  •  Strategic Communications and Promotions
  •  Training and Development

Earn Nine Credits Each Quarter in the Accelerated Degree Program

The accelerated master’s in communications graduate program at Lindenwood University is designed around the lives of our adult students who would like to earn a graduate communications degree within an abbreviated timeframe.   

The courses are taught in the evenings using the “cluster” method. This gives you the opportunity to learn interrelated subjects, such as promotions tactics, advertising, and public relations, and use them to develop a deeper view of how communication is used within organizations. Using this system, you will earn nine credits each quarter and can finish your communications MA in as little as 18 months. This format ensures that you have a mastery of the subject of each course as you participate in group discussions with your classmates, take assessments, and complete individual and group assignments that are designed to give you practical knowledge of communication.

Convenient Class Locations in the St. Louis Area

With your busy schedule, being able to travel to a classroom location that's near your home or your work is important. That's why this Lindenwood program takes place where you are, with 8 locations in St. Charles, Mo., Belleville, Ill., and other surrounding areas. Your commute will take minutes instead of hours, and classes typically meet just one evening each week. It’s another way that we’ve designed this program for students like you who want to advance your career as you continue working.

A Support System for Working Adults

Lindenwood University offers supportive benefits for you, including academic services, career services, financial services, and a tutoring and writing center. If you are transferring from another accredited university, Lindenwood has a credit transfer program with a simple process that allows you to apply certain credits to an Lindenwood graduate communications degree.

Faculty Members Who Value Experience

Each accelerated class at Lindenwood is taught by an instructor who has worked for years in his or her respective field. Our faculty passes along not only knowledge about the courses, but also their insight into day-to-day work and responsibilities. They are also connected to other professionals in their industry and can offer professional advice and networking opportunities.

Earning a Master’s in Communications Degree at Lindenwood University

You may apply for three credits of onsite learning experiences in communications-related establishments. You may choose ICM 58850 Media Internship or ICM 58855 Communications Internship. If you wish to pursue an internship, you must receive the recommendation of the program director and be accepted by the internship organization. Internships require 50 hours of fieldwork per one semester hour of credit.

In the final term of study, a capstone course (ICM 60100, 3 credit hours) is required of all communications majors except for those in digital and multimedia studies who have a concentration in television production. These students, in their final term, complete a culminating project (ICM 58999, 3 credit hours) in the area of production or scriptwriting. A proposal is required and needs approval from the communications program director to be eligible for the culminating project option. You will need to request the Culminating Project Directive and Proposal Guide and submit the proposal in the quarter prior to enrolling for the option.

If you pursue this interest, you can also, with permission of the Communications Program Director, earn up to nine hours of independent study coursework (ICM 59500 Special Topics I, ICM 59600 Special Topics II, ICM 59700 Special Topics III). These three-credit-hour courses involve applied individualized studies under the supervision of Lindenwood University faculty in support of developing programming and operations at LUTV, the Lindenwood television station.

A Lindenwood Degree Pays Dividends

A Lindenwood University education is highly respected, not only in the St. Louis region, but throughout the Midwest and nationally. No matter what emphasis you choose, your master’s in communication from Lindenwood University will have you prepared for your career in communications, Communications has multiple career paths, each with different requirements and salaries. For more information on these career paths, consult the Occupational Outlook Handbook at the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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