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Human resources managers are an integral part of any organization. Earn an accelerated degree in this HR master's program offered at Lindenwood University.

They ensure that all of the employee and administrative functions of a company are properly planned and coordinated. As the liaisons between employees and management, these managers are not just in charge of recruiting and hiring the best talent—they help create and shape an organization's culture.

Lindenwood University offers an accelerated master of science (MS) in human resource management (HRM). The accelerated degree in HRM program is designed for working adults like you who would like to earn a degree in human resources, enter the human resources field or continue their career path in human resources management and organizational development. This accelerated MS in HR management program focuses on business skills in accounting, finance, and information systems and will teach you how to analyze and assess an organization's structure, identify, and solve problems according to the needs of the business and plan human resources procedures.

We understand that working adults like you don't want to sacrifice time with your families and other pursuits in order to obtain a degree. Lindenwood University removes the barriers that keep professionals from achieving their career goals.

Classrooms are conveniently located in 13 areas around St. Louis, so Lindenwood is close to both work and home. Classes meet approximately once a week, with an expedited pace designed for highly motivated working adults who want to take a hands-on approach to learning.

As a human resource management student, you will have access to the same student, academic, and financial support systems that all Lindenwood University students enjoy.

Master of Science in Human Resource Management Faculty at Lindenwood University

The instructors in the HRM degree program all have experience in upper-level human resource management, which they share throughout the course of the cluster. This method of applied learning enhances the classroom experience and provides direction for out-of-classroom work that is required.

Earning a Master of Science in Human Resource Management Degree

The Lindenwood University accelerated degree program for this graduate degree in human resources management applies both theory and direct learning in an in-depth "cluster" format. Made of a small group of students and led by an instructor with real-world experience, the cluster learning program integrates three connected graduate-level courses over the course of a semester. This allows you to earn nine credits in one quarter while having the opportunity to learn human resources theory in a supportive environment.

What Can I Do with a Master of Science in Human Resource Management Degree?

Since HR managers are found in every industry, you will have many opportunities available to advance into executive HR positions. Potential employers include banks, education institutions, government, healthcare organizations, service industries, law firms, and retail environments. Accelerated program graduates become talent and retention managers, compensation/benefits executives, and organization development directors. Human resource management has many career paths, each with different requirements and salaries. For more information on these career paths, consult the Occupational Outlook Handbook at the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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