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57 credit hours

The School of Accelerated Degree Programs Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Systems Development provides a wide range of courses for students interested in careers as computer systems analysts. Computer systems analysts study an organization’s current computer systems and procedures and design information systems solutions to help the organization operate more efficiently and effectively. They bring business and information technology (IT) together by understanding the needs and limitations of both. Classes are taught by experienced professionals in the various areas. The School of ADP general education requirements of the university must be met by each student. The Bachelor of Science in Business Systems Development requires 57-semester hours of credit in the major beyond the general education requirements. The student will work with a faculty advisor to determine an appropriate sequence of courses from the following lists of nine credit hour clusters and individual three semester hour courses.

Core Curriculum

Introduction to Programming Cluster

IIT 21500              Programming Logic and Design 
IIT 21600              Introduction to Game Programming       
IIT 21700              Introduction to Business Programming 

Web Design Cluster 

IIT 37700              Fundamentals of HTML
IIT 37800              Applications in Web Development          
IIT 37900              Applications in Website Publishing          
Prerequisite: IIT 21500, IIT 21600, IIT 21700

Advanced Web Design Cluster

IIT 47700              Fundamentals of User Interface Design
IIT 47800              Applications in Object-Oriented Web Development       
IIT 47900              Applications in Multi-Tiered Web Programming
Prerequisites: IIT 37700, IIT 37800, IIT 37900, or equivalent experience.

Database Analysis and Design Cluster 

IIT 35100              Database Analysis and Design Concepts
IIT 45200              Database Application Implementation  
IIT 45300              Database Project Implementation          

Project Management Cluster 

IIT 48100              Introduction to the Project Management Body of Knowledge   
IIT 48200              Introduction to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge            
IIT 48900              Information Technology Capstone          
Recommended as last cluster.

Elective Semester Courses (Choose 4)

The following courses may be incorporated into the undergraduate information technology degree. They are taught as individual courses but are offered in the quarter term.

IIT 34020              Mobile Applications Programming           
IIT 34030              Java Programming          
IIT 34040              C++ Programming           
IIT 34050              C# Programming             
IIT 34400              Introduction to Linux Programming        
IIT 49200-49699 Special Topics in Information Technology             
Prerequisite: IIT 21500, IIT 21600, IIT 21700. Recommended to be taken with a cluster.

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