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The Lindenwood University School of Accelerated Degree Programs bachelor of arts (BA) in communications is a program that will provide you with a broad range of communication skills that can be applied in nearly any workplace.

As you learn about mass media, corporate communication, public relations, and interpersonal and organizational communication, you will become adept at applying your knowledge and skills in a way that will best fit the communication needs of any organization, all while earning your bachelor degree at an accelerated pace.

A Fast-Tracked Communications Program for Adult Learners

The undergraduate accelerated communications program allows you to earn as many as 36 credits a year in a quarterly system while attending school at night. Communication majors will typically meet once a week with a small group of classmates and a Lindenwood University instructor. The "cluster" format allows you to study three associated courses in one quarter (such as Production for Television, Writing for Television, and Production Management). While learning from your fellow students and instructor, you will be taking exams, writing papers, participating in small group discussions, and completing assigned homework. If you are a focused adult learner who would like to attain a degree without sacrificing your work or home life, the cluster format is perfect for you.

Convenient Locations and a Solid Support System

You can earn your accelerated BA undergraduate communications degree from Lindenwood University by attending classes in the evening, typically one night a week. Lindenwood University brings the courses to you. We offer 8 locations, including our St. Charles campus and Belleville, Illinois, sister location. You can also receive free support services that are available to every Lindenwood University student, including financial aid assistance, tutoring, and access to a professional academic services coordinator and faculty advisor.

Communications Faculty

Each faculty member in this accelerated bachelor program has career experience in communications. Whether it's in television, information systems, journalism, or web and visual design, they have valued professional communications experience. This allows them to share practical knowledge and their career's day-to-day responsibilities with students. These classes also give you the chance to network with fellow classmates who may already be working in the communications field.

Earning a Communications Degree at Lindenwood University

You will be required to take Foundation Studies in Communications. This cluster will introduce you to the areas of study within the communication discipline and is recommended as the first cluster in the major.

In your final term of study, communications majors are required to take one of two courses: Communication Capstone or Culminating Project. The Communication Capstone is offered as a traditional classroom course. The project is developed, presented, and assessed within the course. The Culminating Project is a written or media production project done as an independent study under the supervision of the faculty advisor. A proposal is required and needs approval from the Communications Program Director to be eligible for the Culminating Project option. You will need to request the Culminating Project Directive and Proposal Guide and submit the proposal in the quarter prior to enrolling for the option.

You may apply for a BA degree in communications with an emphasis in mass communication or corporate communication if you have at least 27 semester hours of coursework in the declared emphasis. Pursuing an emphasis is an option, not a requirement.

What Can I Do With a Communications Degree?

A communications degree from Lindenwood University opens up a wide variety of careers for you; broadcasting, journalism, multimedia, and many more. Communications is a field with many specialties and paths. The Occupational Outlook Handbook at the Bureau of Labor Statistics is a great resource to help you decide which career path to take.

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