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Earn your accelerated Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice at Lindenwood University!

In today’s increasingly complex and diverse society, it is important that working professionals in criminal justice fields understand the social causes and consequences of crime and victimization. With a degree in criminal justice, we prepare you to influence the future of society’s response to, and control of, criminal behavior. Careers in criminal justice include law, public administration, local, state, and federal law enforcement, court systems, corrections agencies, juvenile delinquency, probation and parole, corporate security, and nonprofit community service organizations.

About Accelerated Undergraduate Criminal Justice Program at Lindenwood University

The Lindenwood University Accelerated Bachelor of Science Criminal Justice program provides students with a wide-ranging academic study of the criminal justice system. The study of crime and justice is complex as researchers, practitioners, and policy makers tackle issues of policing strategies, corrections, capital punishment, violence, gangs, addiction, and international crime. Students engage in an analysis of the nature and extent of crime and the manner in which the criminal justice system responds to violations of the law.

The Bachelor of Science in criminal Justice provides students with interdisciplinary views of the criminal justice system. The curriculum explores theories related to the causation of crime and criminal behavior and the meaning and application of legal principles directly influencing law enforcement, court systems, and the correctional environments. The program nurtures a realistic understanding of the study of crime and its impact on society. The combination of theoretical and practical knowledge prepares students for criminal justice careers and advanced academic study.

The Accelerated Criminal Justice program is a great fit for working adults or students with family or other obligations, like you. The structure of the program contributes to the balance of your work and home lives while pursuing your degree.

For more information on the Accelerated Criminal Justice program at Lindenwood University, see the catalog.

Lindenwood University Accelerated Criminal Justice Programs Faculty

Dr. Saint Rice, the assistant dean and undergraduate criminal justice program director, leads the undergraduate Criminal Justice program. Dr. Rice and the rest of the criminal justice faculty are professionals with extensive experience in the industry. The faculty and instructors in the Accelerated Criminal Justice program at Lindenwood University possess real world, professional experience within the criminal justice system. Every instructor’s primary goal is to share valuable, practical knowledge gained through criminal justice careers while simultaneously connecting the theoretic and academic importance of each course. The program directors serve as academic advisors and mentors, helping to guide students to a career path that suits their interests. They are accessible and willing to help students achieve their goals.

Earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice at Lindenwood University

Earning a BS in Criminal Justice at Lindenwood University requires 120 semester hours, including 57 semester hours in the major. While in the program, you will experience and learn about a wide variety of subjects within the criminal justice profession. Courses and subjects are industry-driven, relevant topics important to success. Topics of study include criminology, criminal investigation, policing, constitutional law, criminal law, homeland security, juvenile justice, restorative justice, ethics and leadership, prison and community corrections, and many more.

A required criminal justice capstone course culminates the program, collating the theories, concepts, and practical applications learned throughout your experience in the degree program.

What can I do with a Criminal Justice Degree from Lindenwood University?

Criminal justice is a field with many specialties, paths, and career options. A criminal justice degree from Lindenwood University prepares you for a wide variety of careers, including policing, federal law enforcement, corporate security, victim services advocate, correctional caseworker, corrections custody supervisor, probation and parole Officer, deputy juvenile officer, youth specialist, court investigator, and many more. The Occupational Outlook Handbook at the Bureau of Labor Statistics is a great resource to help you choose a career path.

Contact the Lindenwood University School of Accelerated Degree Criminal Justice Programs

For more information about Accelerated Criminal Justice programs at the Lindenwood University School of Accelerated Degree Programs, call Dr. Saint Rice, Assistant Dean and Undergraduate Criminal Justice Program Director, at (636) 627-4630 or e-mail at

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