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The School of Accelerated Degree Programs Bachelor of Science Degree in Cybersecurity provides a wide range of courses for students interested in a career as an information security analyst.  Information security analysts plan and carry out security measures to protect an organization's computer networks and systems. Their responsibilities are continually expanding as the number of cyber-attacks increase. Classes are taught by experienced professionals in the various areas. The School of Accelerated Degree Programs general education requirements of the university must be met by each student.

The Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity requires 63-semester hours of credit in the major beyond the general education requirements.


General Education Math Requirements For Cybersecurity

6 credit hours

IMH 14200   Basic Statistics
One of the Following
IMH 12100   Introduction to Contemporary Mathematics
IMH 13200   Quantitative Management Applications 
IMH 22000   Research Design and Methodology
Any GE-Math course.

Cybersecurity Core Curriculum

57 credit hours

Foundations of Cybersecurity Cluster
ICS 21300 Foundations of Information Technology
ICS 21400 Foundations of Networking
ICS 21500 Foundations of Cybersecurity

Network Technician Cluster
ICS 32300 Cisco I–Introduction to Networks
ICS 32400 Cisco II–Routing and Switching Essentials
Prerequisites: ICS 21300, ICS 21400, ICS 31000

Network Administrator Cluster
ICS 32500 Cisco III–Scaling Networks
ICS 32600 Cisco IV–Connecting Networks
Prerequisites: ICS 32300, ICS 32400

Network Operating System Cluster
ICS 41100 Microsoft Windows Server Installation  & Configuration
ICS 41200 Linux Server Installation & Configuration
ICS 41400 Microsoft Server Identity Administration
Prerequisites: ICS 32500, ICS 32600

Digital Forensics Cluster
ICS 42100 Ethical Hacking 
ICS 42300 Advanced Penetration Testing
ICS 42400 Cybersecurity Analysis
Prerequisites: ICS 41100, ICS 41200, ICS 41400

Project Management/Capstone Cluster
IIT 48100 Project Management in Information Technology
IIT 48200 Business Analysis in Information Technology
IIT 48900 Information Technology Capstone
Prerequisites: Last Cluster in IIT or ICS

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