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57 or 60 credit hours

The School of Accelerated Degree Programs Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Technology provides a wide range of courses for students interested in the information age. Classes are taught by experienced professionals in the various areas. The School of Accelerated Degree Programs general education requirements of the university must be met by each student. The Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Technology requires 57 or 60 semester hours of credit in the major beyond the general education requirements. The student will work with a faculty advisor to determine an appropriate sequence of courses from the following lists of nine credit hour clusters and individual three semester hour courses.

Core Curriculum

12 or 9 credit hours

Students complete either the Project Management Cluster and the Capstone course or the Project Management/Capstone Cluster.

Project Management Cluster and Capstone

IIT 33100              Project Cost and Schedule Estimating    
IIT 43200              Project Management Process   
IIT 43300              Cost and Scheduling Applications             


IIT 48900              Information Technology Capstone          
Project Management Cluster is recommended as last cluster.


Project Management/Capstone Cluster 

IIT 48100              Introduction to the Project Management Body of Knowledge   
IIT 48200              Introduction to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge            
IIT 48900              Information Technology Capstone          
Prerequisite: Last Cluster in IIT or ICS.

Elective Clusters

Choose one of the options listed to reach 57 or 60 credit hours:

Option 1- 3x10 credit hour clusters and 2x9 credit hour clusters; or

Option 2- 4x9 credit hour clusters and 4x3 credit hour courses;

Option 3- 5x9 credit hour clusters and 1x3 credit hour course.

10 credit hour clusters:

Network Technician Cluster 

ICS 11100             Cisco I-Introduction to Networks             
ICS 11200             Cisco II-Routing and Switching Essentials              

Network Administrator Cluster

ICS 21100             Cisco III-Scaling Networks           
ICS 21200             Cisco IV-Connecting Networks  
Prerequisites: ICS 11100, ICS 11200.

Network Security and Design Cluster

ICS 31100             Cisco V-Implementing Cisco Security      
ICS 31200             Cisco VI-Network Infrastructure Design
Prerequisites: ICS 21100, ICS 21200.

9 credit hour clusters: 

Introduction to Programming Cluster

IIT 21500              Programming Logic and Design 
IIT 21600              Introduction to Game Programming       
IIT 21700              Introduction to Business Programming 

Network Operating System Cluster

ICS 41100             Microsoft Windows Server Installation & Configuration 
ICS 41200             Linux Server Installation & Configuration              
ICS 41300             Linux Network Installation & Configuration         
Prerequisites: ICS 31100, ICS 31200.

Virtualization Fundamentals Cluster 

IIT 36600              Fundamentals of Data Center Virtualization        
IIT 36700              Fundamentals of Cloud Computing         
IIT 36800              Fundamentals of Desktop and Mobility Virtualization     
Prerequisites: ICS 31100, ICS 31200.

Virtualization Administration Cluster

IIT 42400              Data Center Virtualization Administration            
IIT 42500              Cloud Computing Administration             
IIT 42600              Desktop and Mobility Virtualization Administration         
Prerequisites: IIT 36600, IIT 36700, IIT 36800.

Digital Forensic Cluster

 ICS 42100             Certified Ethical Hacker
ICS 42200             AccessData Certified Examiner 
ICS 42300             Computer Hacking Forensics Investigator            

Web Design Cluster

IIT 37700              Fundamentals of HTML
IIT 37800              Applications in Web Development          
IIT 37900              Applications in Website Publishing          
Prerequisite: IIT 21500, IIT 21600, IIT 21700

Advanced Web Design Cluster 

IIT 47700              Fundamentals of User Interface Design
IIT 47800              Applications in Object-Oriented Web Development       
IIT 47900              Applications in Multi-Tiered Web Programming
Prerequisites: IIT 37700, IIT 37800, IIT 37900, or equivalent experience.

Database Analysis and Design Cluster

IIT 35100              Database Analysis and Design Concepts
IIT 45200              Database Application Implementation  
IIT 45300              Database Project Implementation          

Cybercrime Cluster 

ICJ 35100              Investigating Cybercrime             
ICJ 35200              Digital Evidence
ICJ 35300              Case Studies in Cybercrime        
Prerequisites: IIT 32100, IIT 32200, IIT 32300 or equivalent experience.

Cyber Security Cluster

IIT 33200              Fundamentals of Cyber Security              
IIT 33400              Ethical Issues in Cyber Security 
IIT 33300              Secure Social Interaction in a Digital World           
Prerequisites: IIT 32100, IIT 32200, IIT 32300 or equivalent experience.

Networking Cluster

IIT 32100              Networking Essentials  
IIT 32200              Network Applications   
IIT 32300              Network Implementation-A Case Study and Simulation

Individual Elective Courses (3 credit hours each)

The following courses may be incorporated into the undergraduate information technology degree. They are taught as individual courses but are offered in the quarter term.

IIT 34020              Mobile Applications Programming           
IIT 34030              Java Programming          
IIT 34040              C++ Programming           
IIT 34050              C# Programming             
IIT 34400              Introduction to Linux Programming        
IIT 49200-49699 Special Topics in Information Technology             
Prerequisites: IIT 21500, IIT 21600, and IIT 21700.

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