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Lost St. Charles

Lost St. Charles

A virtual tour of lost buildings in St. Charles using ArcGIS mapping technology and good old-fashioned research. Created by Lindenwood University history students in The Rise of Modern America, taught by Dr. Jeffrey Smith.

History and Geography

BA and Minor degrees offered in Traditional formats

“History cannot give us a program for the future, but it can give us a fuller understanding of ourselves, and of our common humanity, so that we can better face the future."
— Robert Penn Warren (1905-1989), poet, novelist, and student of the American past

The History and Geography Department cultivates students interested in building satisfying lives and successful careers by studying the world in which we live and how it came to be. Our students experience a solid foundation in geography and American, European, and non-Western history as well as the opportunity to focus on regions, time periods, or topics that are of particular interest. Throughout each moment of the university experience—from freshman learning communities to the work and life experiences at internships, student teaching, or studying abroad—our history and geography programs offer students dynamic spaces to learn and apply knowledge. Students pursuing a degree in history and enrolled in history and geography courses may also elect to join Lindenwood’s Honors College.  

The History and Geography Department empowers students to:

  • understand how the world in which we live has developed over time;
  • question the complex ways in which individuals, societies, ideas, and physical environments interact; and
  • study the sources that underlie events in order to understand their significance and challenge how we understand them.

Degree Programs Offered

The department offers the following major degree programs

The department offers coursework leading towards the following School of Education teacher certification programs:

The department also offers the following minor programs:

Our Faculty

History is constantly evolving literally and as a discipline, at Lindenwood University, and as a result we strive to stay on the cutting edge. All of our full-time faculty members are committed scholars and teachers with earned doctorates in their areas of focus, committed scholars as well as teachers who act as instructors, mentors, and academic advisors.  Visit this page to learn more about who our faculty are, and what they've been up to lately.

Life As a Historical Studies Major

What’s it like to be a Historical Studies major? Learn more about the extracurricular events and groups you can be a part of here at Lindenwood.

Making a Career out of what you love: Jobs in History and Geography

Our History graduates are employed in a wide variety of positions, from police officers to urban planners, from lawyers to professors, from teachers to international business professionals, and from archeologists to library managers. A second major or a minor can increase the variety of positions available to you upon graduation. Read the truth about the employability and added value of History majors and minors.

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