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First Assignment & Cluster Info

The Writing Process: Short Fiction

Instructor: Kendra Hayden

Start Date: Thursday, July 5 (then each Thursday through 9/20)

Meeting Times: 6pm - 10pm 

Location:  LARC room TBA

Class Type: Workshop, Craft, & Literature (9 credit hours)

Narrative Design - Madison Smartt Bell - ISBN 9780393320213
On Writing - Eudora Welty - ISBN 9780679642701

Course Description:
Students in this class will write 1-2 new short stories, to be workshopped in class by the class. The goal is to create a publishable final version of your short story. Each week, we will discuss assigned readings. The readings will come from the two textbooks and from selected short stories. We will closely examine classic and modern fiction writing techniques, including but not limited to: craft, form, structure, language, voice, scene development, character development, setting, time management, dialogue, the importance of first and last lines, description, the effects of verb tense and point of view, originality, art, style, etc. By the end of the quarter, we will learn how to submit your short story to the appropriate literary journals.

First Assignment - Due Thursday 7/5:

PART 1: Prepare a 3-5 minute - casual - presentation to the class. (You don’t have to stand at a podium and do a powerpoint. I’m looking for round table discussion.) In your presentation, you will present a piece of fiction that has inspired you to write. What do you admire most about your chosen piece? (It can be passage from a novel, a short story, any genre, any length.)

PART 2 - Reading Assignment:
In Narrative Design, read the Preface and The Unconscious Mind (1-22).
In On Writing - Read the bio of Eudora Welty and The Introduction.

NOTE: Students may not self-register for the on-campus cluster. Please post your registration response in our MFA Students group in Canvas or email Gillian Parrish at to be enrolled in the cluster. 

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