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MFA Course Descriptions

IMF 52104
Focused Poetry Workshop: Poetry Bootcamp

Instructor: Eve Jones

Class Type: Workshop 

Course Description

Have you ever asked where a particular poem came from? Was its genesis obvious, such as from a dream the night before, or a life-altering event, or an unexpectedly beautiful day? Or did you finish the poem and scratch your head in wonder. How on earth did this thing come out of me?

This class is primarily a workshop of poems you’ll write this term, but it’s also a study of the creative process. How did that thing come out of you? This class asks a lot of you, writer. It asks that you put yourself through a kind of literary boot camp, based entirely on writing prompts and suggestions that otherwise may not have occurred to you. It asks that you become aware of your creative process while you are writing. Ultimately, this class asks that you step out of the familiar place you have created for yourself and see your poetry – all poetry, perhaps – in new and exciting ways. It will test your limits. You won’t enjoy every prompt, and you may find yourself highly resistant to some. That’s okay. The age-old adage remains true even in this classroom: you can’t fully know and embrace something until you’ve let it go, even just a bit. The major goal for you this term is this: by letting go of the familiar, you will gain greater understanding of, appreciation for, and authentic intimacy with your own work.

No Textbook is required. 

Lindenwood University
209 S. Kingshighway
St. Charles, MO 63301