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MFA Course Descriptions

IMF 52201
Focused Fiction Workshop: George Saunders

Instructor: Zachary Vickers

Class Type: Literature & Workshop

Course Description: In this workshop/seminar, we will study the surrealist logic of the work of George Saunders. We will read from two of his story collections—his first, Civilwarland in Bad Decline, and his most recent, Tenth of December, in order to see a progression in his aesthetic over the years. In discussions, we will look at how surrealism can be viewed as "realism" in today's society, and how the form/technique can honestly reveal elements of the human condition. In workshops, we will write our own surreal short stories to bring us closer to the heart—whether that be a question of morality, politics, or some other statement invested through character. Students will also be expected to critique each other's work and revise one story for a final project.


Civilwarland in Bad Decline
George Saunders
Riverhead Trade 1997

Tenth of December 
George Saunders
Random House Trade Paperbacks 2014

Lindenwood University
209 S. Kingshighway
St. Charles, MO 63301