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MFA Course Descriptions

IMF 53710
Selected Emphases in Fiction III:
Reading & Writing the Short Story

Instructor: Kali VanBaale

Class Type: Literature & Workshop

Course Description: 

This online workshop will focus on the short story form and answer the question: what is a short story?

We will discuss all elements of short story writing, including types of short story structures (and how they differ from novels besides in length), characterization, setting, experimentation with form, artistic aims, and more.

Each week we’ll read and dissect a published short story and its historical context, in addition to reading the work of your peers. Students will submit two short stories during the term (up to 12 pages) in two workshop sessions to receive rigorous feedback from peers and the instructor, and will read and respond to 2-4 peer stories per week. The goal is for each student to finish the course with two polished pieces. All short story genres welcome.

No Textbook Required (Readings will be linked in course)

Lindenwood University
209 S. Kingshighway
St. Charles, MO 63301