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MFA Course Descriptions

IMF 53716
Selected Emphases in Fiction IX:
Latin American Literature II

Instructor: Kendra Hayden

Class Type: Literature

Course Description: Latin American Literature II features three Latin American women writers with vast writing styles and challenging perspectives. This class is designed to introduce Latin American women writers’ writing styles and writing techniques. Similar to LALI, students will explore a wide scope of complex novels written in the voice of Latin American women from three different countries in Latin America. Students will examine literary and historical novel writing from a writers’ perspective, which includes but is not limited to novel development, chapter development and time management.


Here's to You, Jesusa
Elena Poniatowska
ISBN: 9780142001226

Leaving Tabasco
Carmen Boullosa
ISBN: 9780802138606

Daughters of the Stone
Dahlama Llanos-Figueroa
ISBN: 9780802138606

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St. Charles, MO 63301