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Apr 1

Updated Policies and Procedures

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Lindenwood University faculty and staff are working from home and all on-campus offices are closed to the public and university employees. Lindenwood personnel and offices are available for business by telephone and email to provide continuity in university operations and student support services. Please visit for more information.

MFA Course Descriptions

IMF 52101
Focused Poetry Workshop: Ekphrastic Poetry

Instructor: Eve Jones

Class Type: Workshop

Course Description: The line between visual art and writing is a wonderfully blurred thing. Traditional ekphrasis is the art of description: what does this painting look like in words? Writers across time and genre have confronted art with language. In this course we'll be reading, writing, and exploring ekphrastic poetry in a deeper, more individual sense: how can we face, respond to, and interpret a piece of visual art using words? What conversation can we have with it? In what way(s) is our literary response dependent on perception? We'll be examining an array of visual art (paintings, sculpture, etc.) and writing in response to each, and we'll be reading multiple examples of ekphrastic poetry, classical and contemporary, to broaden our understanding of its possibilities.

Textbook info: 
Art and Artists: Poems (Everyman's Library Pocket Poets)
Emily Fragos
ISBN: 9780307959386


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