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Apr 1

Updated Policies and Procedures

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Lindenwood University faculty and staff are working from home and all on-campus offices are closed to the public and university employees. Lindenwood personnel and offices are available for business by telephone and email to provide continuity in university operations and student support services. Please visit for more information.

MFA Course Descriptions

IMF 53702
Selected Emphases In Fiction:
Magical Realism Literature & Workshop

Instructor: Ron Austin

Class Type: Literature & Workshop

Course Description: Mysterious winged-men, wartime witches, vegan vampires, hunger artists, and impossible libraries populate the pages of literature’s most enduring magical realists. Born by combining political commentary with communal myths, the magical realist writing tradition aims to engage readers by infusing real world settings, characters, and events with the otherworldly. This course will examine how contemporary magical realist stories cut across culture and time to probe fundamental mysteries of the human condition. Stories by authors including Luis Jorge Borges, Ben Okri, Franz Kafka, Toni Morrison, Karen Russell, and more will be thoughtfully examined for reoccurring symbolism and structure to discover the purpose and power inherent in storytelling. Knowledge gained from the course readings will be synthesized in written responses and small pastiches that will eventually culminate in the creation of an original short story utilizing magical realist techniques.

Art & Craft of Fiction
2nd Edition
ISBN 9781319030421

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