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Apr 1

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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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MFA Course Descriptions

IMF 53708
Selected Emphases in Fiction I:
Experimental Writing as Literature

Instructor: Ted Morrissey

Class Type: Literature

Course Description:

“Make it new” was Ezra Pound’s motto as he helped to usher in literary modernism after the First World War, and since then waves of writers have taken Pound’s advice very much to heart by playing with virtually every element of storytelling. This course in experimental writing will examine myriad narrative techniques from writers who have established devoted cult followings to those who have regularly appeared on the bestsellers lists, among them Robert Coover, Don DeLillo, Tom Robbins, David Foster Wallace, Shelley Jackson, and William H. Gass. Students will study these authors’ groundbreaking techniques and also work with their own narrative experimentation. Even writers who do not see themselves as “experimentalists” will find ways to enhance the traditional techniques they are more accustomed to using. Moreover, it is important for teachers of literature to be familiar with some of the writers and works which helped to define postmodernism in the latter half of the twentieth century and pave the way for multimodal narration in the twenty-first.


Gass, William H.
Willie Masters’ Lonesome Wife.

Jackson, Shelley.
The Melancholy of Anatomy: Stories. 

McCaffery, Larry, editor.
After Yesterday’s Crash: The Avant-Pop Anthology. 


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