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Philosophy & Religion BA with Traditional Philosophy Emphasis

BA degrees offered in Traditional formats

The 36 credit hour Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy & Religion with a traditional philosophy emphasis prepares students to engage in occupations that encourage or require critical reading, writing, and communication skills. It prepares students for graduate training in philosophy in pursuit of credentials to teach at the secondary or post-secondary levels. It also prepares students for graduate training in other fields, such as law, business, and medicine due to the extremely high scores of philosophy majors on graduate exams. Given philosophy’s central role in a humanistic education, it also prepares students for life as well-rounded individuals and citizens of a global community.

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Studying philosophy and religion at Lindenwood University familiarizes you with the world's major intellectual traditions, both philosophical and religious. Philosophy explores what is real, what we know, how we should think, and how we should act, while religion reflects on the many ways that communities have constructed and articulated the meaningfulness of human life. As a philosophy and religion major, you will study the ideas and beliefs that make our world what it is today, and you will learn to better understand yourself, your neighbor, and your world. 

Why Philosophy and Religion With a Traditional Philosophy Emphasis? 

Our program and its faculty represent a variety of scholarly interests in philosophy and religion.  Studying philosophy and religion can also lead to greater personal fulfillment. Socrates once said, "The unexamined life is not worth living," and Jesus noted that "the truth will set you free." The philosophy and religion program offers a number of different curricular options for you to examine your life, pursue the truth, and meet your educational and professional goals. Career opportunities with a BA in philosophy and religion with a traditional philosophy emphasis fall into many different categories. These include teaching, research, clergy, government, legal professions, policy development, diplomacy, humanitarian services, and many more. 

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