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Art and
Culture of Renaissance Florence

Art and
Culture of Renaissance Florence



Students can receive credit for one of four classes on this program.

  • ARTH 38702 (GE - HC)(GE - CC)
  • ARTH 58606
  • ART 38800
  • ART 58607

ARTH 38702(GE - HC)(GE - CC) or ARTH 58606

This course introduces students to the art and history of Florence (Firenze), Italy through international study. Florence, the “birthplace” of the Renaissance, has justly maintained its reputation as an educational and artistic center since the late Ducento (1200s). During the trip, the major Florentine periods and artists shall be discussed, especially Giotto and the Duomo Campanile in the Trecento (1300s), Brunelleschi’s Dome, Donatello’s David in the Quattrocento (1400s), and Michelangelo’s David (il Gigante) of the Cinquecento (1500s). As well, the major museums and monuments will be visited and investigated, such as the Uffizi, Palazzo Vecchio, Sta. Croce, Baptistery and Cathedral. Through on-site lectures and tours of these historic monuments and great art collections students will gain a firm foundation, especially in Early Renaissance art of the fifteenth century; lectures will be supplemented by readings on the topics and works visited, as well as student presentations and research.

ART 38800 or ART 58607

The purpose of the course is to refine basic drawing skills through direct observation of on-site subjects available only in a Plein-aire class. Students will explore a variety of different techniques and subjects. The student should aspire to develop on the fly visual problem solving skills while developing a plastic proficiency. Studying linear perspective where it was developed is a once in a life time experience and should eventually be experienced by all serious art students. Artists have traveled into the field for hundreds of years to bring back to the studio information that could not be found elsewhere. Obviously our travel will take us to Florence the home of the Renaissance and some major artistic giants.


  • ARTH 38702 or ART 38800:  ENGL 17000, ARTH 22400; or permission of the department; approval to study abroad
  • ARTH 58606 or ART 58607: Permission of the department; approval to study abroad


Course offered

Spring Semester 2022

Travel Dates

May 9 - 24

Estimated Cost


Costs Cover

Tuition (assuming full time spring semester enrollment); round trip airfare from St. Louis; accommodation while abroad; daily breakfast and some meals while abroad; local transportation while abroad; entrance and activity fees; professional tour director; insurance; administrative fee


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