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COVID-19 Information

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Business in

Business in



Students can receive credit for one of three classes on this program.

  • FIN 39003 –OL-Study-Abroad: Special topics: Finance & Business Culture in Japan
  • MRKT 39009 - Special Topics: Marketing in Japan
  • MRKT 59009 - Special Topics: Japanese Marketing and Consumer Behavior

FIN 39003

This course will examine the best practices in Japanese finance at the individual investor and corporate level, as well as the influence of technical and cultural aspects in financial decision making. Students will experience first-hand Japanese business practices on site and compare with established practices in the west. The onsite experience will complement the reading material to provide a global view of financial markets and familiarize students with business and culture in an interconnected world.

MRKT 39009 and 59009

This course will examine the idiosyncrasies of Japanese marketing, both from a consumer and export perspective, as well as the technical aspects of international marketing. Students will observe Japanese consumption habits as well as Japanese business practices, which will coincide with reading material to provide a more complete view of this market and its effects.


  • FIN 39003:  A grade of C or better or concurrent enrollment in FIN 32000; approval to study abroad
  • MRKT 39009: A grade of C or better or concurrent enrollment in MRKT 35010; approval to study abroad
  • MRKT 59009: approval to study abroad


Course offered

Spring Semester 2023

Travel Dates

March 4 - 13, 2023 (tentative)

Estimated Cost


Costs Cover

Tuition (assuming full time spring semester enrollment); round trip airfare from St. Louis; accommodation while abroad; daily breakfast and some meals while abroad; local transportation while abroad; entrance and activity fees; professional tour director; insurance; administrative fee

For more information, contact

Dr. Kyle Coble (MRKT classes)

Dr. Gaurango Banerjee (FIN classes)


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