Arrow Rock - Issue 3

Arrow Rock - Issue 3


Arrow Rock would like to thank Gary Burkhead, Sarah Crawford, Mandy French, and Olivia Saldaña for their tireless efforts in bringing Issue #3 to fruition. We’d also like to thank K.T. McAlister, Bianca Ray, Kyle Stross, and Alex Van Walleghen for their assistance along the way. In addition, we’d like to thank Chris Duggan in the P.R. department for his advice and assistance with production and printing, as well as Jason Waack, L.U. Webmaster, for helping us establish a web presence for the journal. Thanks also to Dr. Jann Weitzel and Dr. Mike Whaley for their support of this project.

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Gary Burkhead
Sarah Crawford
Amanda French
Olivia Saldaña

Faculty Advisor:
Spencer Hurst