Arrow Rock - Issue 8

Arrow Rock - Issue 8


Arrow Rock would like to thank Dr. Mike Whaley for his support of this project. Arrow Rock would also like to express our gratitude to this issue’s contributors for their fearlessness and honesty. Finally, we’d like to thank our readers. Arrow Rock now belongs to you. We hope you’ve enjoyed issue VIII.

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Liz Arnold
Molly E. Hamilton
Elijah Hamlett
Nicole Hansell
Brenden Kleiboeker
Jaymie-Rae Martin
Jacque Reineri
Diane Tennent
Courtney Thomas
Kristine Wagner
Aubrey Wilson
Lontreal Wiseman-Farmer

Faculty Advisor:
Spencer Hurst

Layout and Design:
Jennifer Stahlman

Cover Photo:
Friends in Silhouette at Sunset, Devin Mitchell Durbin